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Hamilton wipes Instagram and Twitter feeds

Unless you’re Sebastian Vettel and haven’t discovered the internet yet, you’ll have heard about Lewis Hamilton deleting his entire Instagram feed and a large portion of his Twitter feed. 

Lewis, the most socially active driver on the grid, surprised many over the Christmas period by deleting posts following heavy criticism following a story on his Instagram account where he stated “Boys don’t wear princess dresses” to his nephew who had received a Disney princess dress for Christmas. 

These comments were followed by a large hounding for the new four time champion.  

On Boxing day Lewis issues his “deepest apologies” as well as stating “I meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone at all.”

The Brits facebook account remains the same, with his last post on Christmas day featuring his famous pooches Roscoe and Coco.

Lewis is yet to post on social media at all in 2018. Leaving fans wondering if he’s just taking a break from Social media or have given up due to the hounding he receives from fans of the sport.

A couple of days after deleting his Instagram posts, fans noticed he also deleted his bio on Instagram.

Whilst the most socially active driver has wiped his accounts, one of two drivers yet to create a social media account sufraced on Instagram…

That’s right… KIMI RAIKKONEN joined Instagram sending fans into a frenzy. As of today (5th January) he already has 298,000 followers with only four posts. His first post making fans laugh by reminiscing his famous team radio by stating “this time I don’t know what I’m doing”

This leaves four time champion and 2017 runner up, Sebastian Vettel, as the only driver not on social media… But will we see him join social media soon? 

Will we see Lewis back on social media again soon? 

Formula One fans have certainly had a topic of conversation during the off season.


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