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Force India threaten Perez and Ocon with race bans

On several occasions in 2017, we seen Force India team mates Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon collide. However yesterdays Belgian Grand Prix not only saw one collision between the ‘pink panthers’ but two!

Now both drivers have been threatened with a race ban…

The main incident between the pair is on the run up to Eau Rouge on Lap 30, when Ocon went for a gap that Sergio wouldn’t open. This left Ocon with a broken front wing and Perez with only three wheels on his wagon.

A furious Ocon later went to social media and stated that his team mate had tried to kill him.

However today Esteban apologised for his outrage and said that he and Sergio will continue to get the besr possible results for the team, meanwhile Sergio accepted responsibility for the incident on lap one he stated that he “held his line”.

Also today Force India have admitted they have lost patience, and made it clear they will not be tolerant of another collisuon. 

The duo have recently been embroiled in am arguement after the Canadian Grand Prix, collided in Baku and again in Hungary. 

COO Otmar Szafnauer has already said that the pair will no longer be allowed to race each other, but he has now gone as far as saying that they also now risk being dropped for a race as punishment if there are further problems.

This is a policy that Mercedes adopted last year after Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg collided at last year’s Austrian Grand Prix.

When asked by if Force India would go as far as benching one of the drivers, Szafnauer said: “Yes. If it happens again, we have to figure it out. We would have to start thinking about who we would stick in the car.”


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